Ultramarine Blue Jesus (FRAMED GICLEE)

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Ultramarine Blue Jesus is 18″ X 24″ with a simple black frame (canvas floating).

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Ultramarine Blue Jesus with Yellow Rays 

Ultramarine is a color I have a special place for in my palette. I frequently avoid it. Not because of any aversion, but because it is such a powerful color in itself, it wants its own space, its own field of identity. It is a singular color. A loner. It does not get along well with others. Therefore, I have to be in a special mood to bring it up. Blue and Green. We see so much of it in the sky and in the trees. We are almost in overload the second we get out these colors to use.

This Ultramarine Blue Jesus was a joy to paint. When I limit the palette like this, I can almost forget about the color and focus more on the drawing. This one I hit the mark pretty well. He emits “a peace beyond understanding.” I think I was in a peaceful state when I painted it, otherwise I could not have painted it like this. 

Ultramarine and Yellow go very well together—with white. Yellow and White Rays are happy together. I put a lot of them coming out of Jesus’s third eye. Contrary to a lot of Christian beliefs out there, the evidence supports that Jesus traveled in India, and yes, he knew about yoga, third eyes, and Eastern mysticism.

Commission a larger painting of Jesus

The original painting of this Ultramarine Blue Jesus was 30inches by 40 inches. It could even be bigger. You may like to experience a larger scale, like this Babaji. I am accepting commissions for this work in the larger scale, even as large as 4 ft. X 6 ft. Place this painting in a room by itself to form the basis of a holy temple for your own, or a meditation room, or a place of tranquil rest. To commission an Original Painted Work; Acrylic on Canvas; unframed and unstretched; Minimum Size 4 ft. X 6 ft.; starting price $4500, send inquiries to

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GICLEE on canvas; Framed with a simple black floating frame; Ready to hang


18 inches X 24 inches X 3/4 inch


Ultramarine Blue Jesus emanating Yellow and White Rays.