Natural Convergence (FRAMED GICLEE)

$ 650.00

This Framed GICLEE, Natural Convergence, is 18 inches X 24 inches.

It is framed in a simple black floating frame. 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Natural Convergence of an “X” to Heaven

I was thinking of the “X” for a long time. It is a natural convergence. It brings one to a Point. When one is on point, there is no place else to go. One is focused.

The point is a place where the next step is into the void of disappearance, into the formless state. No Place is after the point, which in essence is EVERYWHERE. It is the entire Cosmic Life Force, before it takes shape.

What is No Place? What is the VOID before it manifests a Cosmos? These are things to ponder in the “Natural Convergence.” Far from being a nihilistic theory, it is a practical reality preceding Thought, preceding Form, which is brought about by thought. “My thoughts do not mean anything.” when I an one the Convergence of Universal awareness. And this Convergence is our birthright to fathom. However, we don’t “understand” it with the thought system we have been using.

In the pre-manifested Universe there is still a Life Force. It is like a “yearning to be.” The Creator wants to create. The Created want to be created. In this Convergence, a big bang of manifestation can be going the other way, into form. It is an explosion from Nothing, to a Point, into Everything. These works of the “X” were about these dynamics for me.

Heaven on Earth is realizing that Nothing is just a alive and Something. Something comes from Nothing. Nothing is the final reduction of Something. And the swing, Back and forth, is the Breathe of Life. It is the Natural Convergence, in and out, of the Cosmos.

Commission a larger Work of “Natural Convergence.”

Natural Convergence - Markus Ray's Art

This GICLEE is 18 inches X 24 inches, framed.  An original painting of it could even be bigger. You may like to experience a larger scale, like this Grail. I am accepting commissions for Natural Convergence in the larger scale, even as large as 4 ft. X 6 ft. Place this painting in a room by itself to form the basis of a holy temple for yourself, or a meditation room, or a place of tranquil rest. Order a commission of another Original Painted Work; Acrylic on Canvas; unframed and unstretched; Minimum Size 4 ft. X 6 ft.; starting price $4500, send inquiries to

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GICLEE; Framed in Black; Ready to hang


18 inches X 24 inches 3/4 inch


The Natural Convergence of the universe.