Moses, Liberator of Israel (GICLEE)

$ 450.00

GICLEE of “MOSES OF ISRAEL”  18 Inches X 24 inches.

Printed on canvas; Black edges; Ready to hang.

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Moses of Israel has a Power.  

Moses has Power. Anyone who could save thousands of people from their Egyptian bondage and invoke the Power of God to part the Red Sea, had to have something of a direct conduit to Cosmic forces.

I painted this work in Israel. It was inspired by the sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo that exists in Rome in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli . My teacher, Tara Singh, had a photo of His face (taken of this sculpture) in the Prayer Room at his Foundation. It was unforgettable.

I painted Moses with Rays coming out of his Third Eye, but in the original sculpture Michelangelo gave him “horns” coming out of the top of his head. The horns are indicating “horns of light” that came forth from his crown chakra after his conversations with God in Mount Sinai.

Moses has qualities we would all benefit from emulating: He was one minded in his divine purpose; never accepted the “impossible” was true—”with God all things are possible;” was humble in his certainty, and because of this, God spoke directly to Him, because He knew he deserved this kind of communication with his Creator; was fearless and determined. All these are great character attributes.

Commission a larger painting of Moses

The original painting of this MOSES was 24inches by 36 inches. It could even be bigger. You may like to experience a larger scale, like this Babaji. I am accepting commissions for this work in the larger scale, even as large as 4 ft. X 6 ft. Place this painting in a room by itself. Then you can have a holy temple for your own, or a meditation room, or a place of tranquil rest. To commission an Original Painted Work; Acrylic on Canvas; unframed and unstretched; Minimum Size 4 ft. X 6 ft.; starting price $4500, send inquiries to

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GICLEE on canvas; Black Edges; Ready to hang


18 inches X 24 inches x 3/4 inch


MOSES, The Liberator of Israel.