Holy Mother of Melbourne (GIGLEE)

$ 450.00

GICLEE of “HOLY MOTHER OF MELBOURNE”  18 inches X 24 inches

On canvas, with black edges, frameless, ready to hang.

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The Warmth of the Divine Mother

Orange is a color I gravitate toward. I use it a lot, and sometimes I have to just cool it, because I would use it in almost every painting.  Orange is such a powerful color of fire. It warms and relates to other colors well. It brightens your day. I picked it to paint this Holy Mother in Melbourne, Australia.  This work is one of my best paintings of the Mother, in my opinion. I liked it so well, I used it for the cover of my book of Odes to the Divine Mother. Click Here to peruse that.

Odes to the Divine Mother - Cover

This Holy Mother of Melbourne was a joy to paint. It was a hot day, and the colors seemed appropriate for the weather. I think I was in a peaceful state when I painted it, otherwise I could not have painted it like this. She is meditating, and in a mental emptiness. She can take you there too. 

The warmth of the Holy Mother can enter your life and protect you from all harm. With this painting in your Home, you are always safe. She blesses you and caresses you with a Peace that transcends our understanding.

Commission a larger painting of the Holy Mother

The original painting of this Holy Mother of Melbourne was 30 inches by 40 inches. It could even be bigger. You may like to experience a larger scale, like this Praying Amma. I am accepting commissions for this work in the larger scale, even as large as 4 ft. X 6 ft. Place this painting in a room by itself to form the basis of a holy temple for your own, or a meditation room, or a place of tranquil rest. To commission an Original Painted Work; Acrylic on Canvas; unframed and unstretched; Minimum Size 4 ft. X 6 ft.; starting price $4500, send inquiries to contact@markusray.com

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Water Color, Frameless


GICLEE on canvas; Black edges; No frame; Ready to hang


18 inches X 24 inches X 3/4 inch


Holy Mother in the form of Amma