The Divine Mother Praying (FRAMED GICLEE)

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(GICLEE) A DIVINE MOTHER PRAYING  is 24″ wide by 36″ tall with a simple black or brown frame (canvas floating.)

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All Homes Need a Divine Mother Blessing

This painting brings  the Divine Mother Energy into your home. Homes in India they understand BOTH Divine Father and Divine Mother Energies are important. They are Equal in the Cosmic Reality.

Amma, the “hugging saint” and subject of this Painting, travels around the world and hugs thousands of people. This worldwide spiritual leader also spearheads hundreds of  humanitarian service projects, and prays incessantly. Amma’s deep blessings are bestowed through this painting.

All Homes need a Blessing. Having this painting in your home is like having a lucky horseshoe over your front door—X a million. When the Divine Mother enters your environment, you cannot help to be affected positively with miracles in your life. The “challenges” you face will not ever seem insurmountable. She can help you solve your problems. Amma gladly transmutes your difficulties into ease and Cosmic Harmony. She helps you get things done with Her.

She is a real Life Force—the Force which manifested the whole Cosmos. The Divine Masculine, “the seed of creation,” entered Her “womb of matter” and brought forth the whole physical universe. The Divine Mother is the top. Even the Gods bow down to Her.  When you really think about it, wouldn’t the Divine Mother Energy have to be included in Creation? Don’t we think of the Mother as the balm we need in a turbulent world?

Have this Painting in your home. She will bless you immensely.

This Giclee is 24″ X 36″ floating inside a black or brown wood frame. Cost is $1200 USD  (shipping included in orders to mainland USA). Foreign Shipment Costs will be billed separately.

Allow 3-4 weeks for production and shipping time. You may like to expedite for additional fees.

This Divine Mother one of my best works!

May this Supreme Goddess be a “Blessing for Your Home.” See another Amma painting here:



Additional information


24" X 36"


Approx. 12 lbs.


Acrylic on Canvas


Floating Frame Brown or Black


Price of Shipping Included to Mainland States USA.
Foreign Shipments Additional Charges (Billed Separately)