Divine Mother of Kiev (GICLEE)

$ 450.00

GICLEE of Divine Mother of Kiev is 18 inches X 24 inches.

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Divine Mother of Kiev Started a Revolution.  

The Divine Mother of Kiev, painted in Kiev in February of 2014, sparked a Revolution. Shortly after I painted it, the whole country broke out in a movement to join the EU, and overthrow the leader sympathetic to Russian influence. This all happened in February of 2014.

Blue and Yellow compose the Ukrainian flag. Flag colors often inspire my palette. I painted this Divine Mother in an LRT training we were doing in Kiev, and left it with our hosts, a couple who sponsored our visit. The man worked in the Slovenian Embassy in Kiev. He was an amateur painter himself.

Kiev is an interesting city with roots that go way back to Russian influence. But they have been fiercely independent over the years and have stood up for their own independence. It is a spiritual place as well, and people are in touch with the Divine, even when the Soviets had a policy against God and religious worship.

The Divine Mother transcends all political systems. She is not subject to man made “laws” and influences. She is the LIFE FORCE HERSELF. For us to connect with Her we must already be free of this conditioning. This painting can help you relate to the LIFE FORCE. She is soothing and at the same time like a catayst for change. She sparks and inner Revolution.

Commission a larger painting of the Divine Mother.

The original painting of this Divine Mother of Kiev was 24 inches by 36 inches. It could even be bigger. You may like to experience a larger scale, like this Babaji. I am accepting commissions for this work in the larger scale, even as large as 4 ft. X 6 ft. Place this painting in a room by itself. Then you can have a holy temple for your own, or a meditation room, or a place of tranquil rest. To commission an Original Painted Work; Acrylic on Canvas; unframed and unstretched; Minimum Size 4 ft. X 6 ft.; starting price $4500, send inquiries to contact@markusray.com

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 2 × 80 in
Oil Painting

Seven Colors, Canvas, Frameless