DC Convergence

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DC Convergence is an original watercolor on 100% cotton rag paper. 9″ x 12″ is the size. Unframed. Available to ship anywhere in the world. USA shipping included. International order inquire first for Shipping Cost at


“DC Convergence” is a Small Painting on paper.

Paper: Aquarelle Arches  100% cotton acid free 140 Lb – 9″ X 12 1/8″

Medium: Watercolor; Prismacolor Pencils; Sharpie Markers

This painting has a central “X” from corner to corner, with a convergence on the center “dot.”  As Kandinsky said, “Everything starts from a dot.” And as that old saying goes, “X marks the spot [dot].” I like this structure because it holds my wildness in place. I can bring order with it. I can converge on the “dot” with all other kinds of dramas and actions going on within the structure.

You can actually meditate on the dot and gain inner peace. You can appreciate the calm in the middle of a storm. You can even appreciate the storm.

In the East they use Mandalas for this purpose. Usually they are round. In this case I am using a rectangle, but with an “X” to make it centrally focused like a Mandala. Also, the dramas that go around the center “Dot” are much like the dramas we go through in life. And at some point we benefit by appreciating it all, but returning to our Center inside, in which they are seen for their neutrality, and not their “charge.

DC Convergence is a tool to get you into that Center. You can try it for 21 seconds right here. Just look at the “Dot” in the center for 21 seconds and then notice how you feel.

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Watercolor, Colored Pencil; Ink on 100% Cotton Paper: Aquarelle Arches


23 CM X 31 CM or 9" X 12 1/8"


Evolution of the "X"