DC Convergence #4

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Watercolor and Colored Pencils and Ink on Arches Aquarelle 100% Cotton Rag WC Paper.  9″ X 12.25″ Unframed. These paintings called “DC Convergence” are about Union. Union of the Dot with the X. They are of a sexual nature, but not confined to that. There is a universal principle here that I strive to capture—one of “joining.” This work can be purchased right here, and the price includes insured Fed Ex shipping to anywhere in the United States. Please inquire for additional shipping costs outside of the USA.  contact@markusray.com


“DC Convergence” is a series of small watercolors with the focus on sensual bliss. 

SEX is nothing short of the union of the “Dot” and the “X.” 

When the “Dot of un-manifested Love” enters the “X of the Infinite Cosmic Space” — the BIG BANG of orgasmic union takes place and creates a Universe. Why not? What better explanations do we have that are cleared of all the dogmatic guilts and belief systems that condemn man to some kind of eternal purgatory within the confines of a fantastic mythology— in a closed system of life-death space & temporality? It makes sense that from the infinitesimally small a chain reaction of life takes place and expands infinitely outward in all directions.

Sex is nothing short of the union of the Dot and X. And in this union the mystery of LIFE takes place. What more do we need to know? It is cause for Great JOY !! It is Cause for the continuity of our Self into perpetuity. Forever is a long time, in fact, not even subject to time. The joining of the Dot and X is an action of infinite possibilities and scale. It brings us to the appreciation for BEING Who we are as God created us.

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Water Color and Colored Pencils on Arches Aquarelle 100% Cotton Rag Paper; Unframed.


9" X 12.25"


Sacred Sexuality; "DC Convergence." The joining of the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine.