DC Convergence #2

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Watercolor and Colored Pencils and Ink on Arches Aquarelle 100% Cotton Rag WC Paper.  9″ X 12.25″ Unframed.


“ART NICHE” featured painting. 

“Art Look” —an art lover’s companion— has the mission to enhance people’s lives with an appreciation for art, for beauty, and for painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture—what we often refer to as the “visual arts.” The articles written are for that purpose. “DC Convergence” is the first painting featured in “ART NICHE”

The purpose of “ART NICHE” is to give One Work a focus, and to make it available for purchase.

DC Convergence is a series of small watercolors with the focus on sensual bliss. 


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Water Color and Colored Pencils on Arches Aquarelle 100% Cotton Rag Paper; Unframed.


9" X 12.25"


Sacred Sexuality; "DC Convergence." The joining of the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine.