Babaji of Denmark (FRAMED GICLEE)

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Babaji of Denmark is 18″ X 24″ with a simple brown frame (canvas floating).

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Babaji of Denmark is an Icon that will live forever!

Red and White is a Dynamic Combo of Color.

We spent a week in Copenhagen. As always, I like to paint one of the Masters while I am in a country. This time in Denmark, I was very inspired by Red and White, which are the colors of the Danish flag. “To Denmark with Love, Babaji,” came to mind. I am not a nationalistic person, but I do like the graphic simplicity of flags, and the colors that are used in these iconic symbols that represent nations. ??

OK. I started with a red ground. Then sketched in the basics with a few strokes of darker red and white. Sometimes I take photos right away, because I can see what to do next from the pic on my iPhone. I make adjustments. In this case, the eyes were about a centimeter too high. So I painted them out and moved them down about one centimeter.  This may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes a feature just a little off in the beginning can make the whole painting very off in the end. So I corrected this, before committing myself any further.

Once this was done, I proceeded on with a few more strokes of dark violet and maroon in the hair and eyebrows. I put in the white chundun (in real life, strokes of sandalwood paste place on the forehead.) And, I painted in the eyes.

Much of of the work is now done, and the rest of my actions are just fine tuning. Sondra usually makes a comment, and in most cases I follow her suggestions. She felt the white chundun was too much of a distraction from the overall face. So I decided to make it day-glow pink.

In the final version of Babaji of Denmark I could get the feeling that this young Babaji would get the approval of my readers. I threw it up and Facebook and got these comments:

Birgitte Hjort Not easy to paint a picture in so few colours, but you can do it Markus!
Interesting how much the violet in a few places in the painting add to the balance and the expression ❤️?❤️


Ali Ames Orci Beautiful!


Marie Winter BEA..U..TI..FUL!
Maria Angelica Ferrero Woooo hermoso!!!!
Pille Tali So full of life! It is time in Estonia, where all the weekend we had bonfires all around the country. This painting is perfect Summer Solstice, lucky person, who end up having the Babaji on Fire at their house!
? we love your painting- it’s made for Tove’s kitchen. Have a safe journey to Budapest- it will be a blessing for all participants❤ Love Nebojsa and Anka

To Denmark With Love, BABAJI @!

The final version ended up like this, and is staying in Denmark in Tove Jensen’s house. She just remodeled her kitchen and there is a red wall behind the sink that fits perfectly with the painting. Already I can see it as a famous icon with a living energy. In days of old people would travel hundreds of miles to receive the blessings of these paintings of Spiritual Masters. Maybe this will be one of them! BOLE BABA KI JAI!  BUY A GICLEE HERE !
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Giclee on Canvas; Framed


18" X 24" + Frame


This painting of Babaji was done in Copenhagen, Denmark.