Babaji of Northern Italy (GICLEE)

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GICLEE of “BABAJI OF ITALY”  18 Inches X 24 inches.

Unframed; Black Edges; Canvas on a Stretcher; Ready to Hang.

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Have Babaji of Italy (GICLEE) in Your Home.

I painted this Babaji in the Italian Alps, north of Milan. It is from his “early days,” when His gaze was very fierce. The colors of the Italian flag — red, white and green, were on my mind. You don’t have to be His devotee or follower to appreciate this painting, but having it may “work on your soul” to the point you may want to get to know Him better.

 Here is the book we wrote on Babaji. It has a lot of illustrations of other paintings I have done of Him. You can order it HERE.

Babaji is what would be called in India a Maha Avatar. This means he has mastered His being, and he can even come and go into a body at will, without the need for being “born through the womb of a woman.” Usually Maha Avatars, such as Jesus as well, come for the sake of humanity to lift them up, out of the mire of suffering, conflict, and death.

He is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. In the Indian triumvirate, Shiva represents the Forces of dissolution and destruction.  He is the one who removes the “dead wood” on the Tree of Your Life, so new growth and spring forth. He is the ultimate pruner of your “tree of being.” Your being is clear and pristine after receiving His Grace.

Having Babaji In Italy in your home will bring a different energy into your life. It will bring His Grace. You will never be alone with His Presence emanating Truth, Simplicity, and Love into your Life. We at Art Look hope you will take advantage of His Love which is always available. This painting is like having His presence very close to your daily life. It is a reminder that we can alway go higher in our spiritual evolution.

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Canvas, Frameless

"Babaji of Italy"

"18" x 24" x 3/4"
"Gallery Wrapped on a Stretcher"
"Shipping in the USA included"
"Shipping outside of the USA please inquire before placing order."