“ART LOOK” with Markus Ray is an interactive web log dedicated to ART, the LOOK-ing at ART, mostly at visual ART…PAINTINGS & PHOTOS…as well at the “inner visuals” discovered by LOOK-ing with the mind in the reading of POEMS.

It is designed to involve the LOOK-ers with an opening in their VISION. It is our deepest and highest desire at “ART LOOK” to raise the consciousness of the viewer into greater states of JOY and well BEING.  The purpose of all ART is to UPLIFT and INSPIRE….and by LOOK-ing at ART, if you are not uplifted and inspired, then the artist did not do a proper job, or you have not stretched your mind adequately to take in the vision being given.

“ART LOOK” is educational, in the sense that it teaches and inspires us in the ART of LOOK-ing. As in any ART, it becomes mastered by PRACTICE. The real ART of seeing is a inner action of merging and connection of the “see-er” with what is “seen”. It is a communion of sorts, a getting inside the qualities of what is being “LOOK-ed” at.

Beauty and truth are qualities of real ART. We want to LOOK at them here at “ART LOOK”. There are other fine qualities too, but those are two of the highest ones.

It is our sincerest wish to inspire and uplift you. If you feel PURE JOY, even for  a second by LOOK-ing here at ART, then we consider our job worthy of the effort. And in that process of doing our job, we hope to inspire and uplift ourselves.

It is a journey we “take together” to the heart of our being. It is a true SERVICE. As Henry David Thoreau said, “The greatest service a man can do for his fellow men is to rise to the height of his own BEING.” So we want to rise to that height and bring you along with us.

At “ART LOOK”, this is our highest goal. We endeavor though ART to just LOOK at our real SELF….of TRUTH AND BEAUTY….and accept the remarkable BEING we are….WHO embodies these qualities and arrives at an immense inner JOY!

THANK YOU for exploring art with us here at “ART LOOK”. To read a more complete statement of our PURPOSE & VISION, Click Here.

MARKUS RAY, Founder and CEO of “ART LOOK”

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