AN ALTAR is a vortex of spiritual ENERGY


It is beneficial to have a Place for the Sacred to rest and reconnoitre in your space, in your house, in your life. ALTARS are important concentrated platforms for this to take place; they are energy vortices that  “call in” the Divine Forces to balance, guide, heal and direct your life. They are places where you can “surrender your problems”. They are places where you can lay down all your grievances and come to complete forgiveness of anyone or anything, and any situation or condition.


We have an Altar in every room of our house. Here is one with Ganesh and Hanuman, Babaji, Tara Singh, Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Abe Lincoln. This is a place where I cannot lie to myself. I filled this altar with men who never lied, therefore they represent TRUTH. In their PRESENCE I can cleanse myself of all my negative thoughts and come to a silence of mind and body that is respectful of the Life I have been given. ALTARS are definitely places where you can “reboot” and “delete” the things that are not working in your life. You can put yourself at the feet of TRUTH and LOVE, and ask for HELP, in ways that you can use and need the HELP. Divine Forces are ALWAYS available to anyone who has an ALTAR, and who USES IT for inner clarity.

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