This sculpture is one of the best in the Louvre in Paris…and perhaps the world….

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, and is perhaps one of the most uplifting sculptures in the Western world. We are impressed by how worldly She is, and even in some “angelic form” perceived as very-matter-of-fact, very palpable and touchable…..and even reachable in our earthly aspirations. I went to Paris with Tara Singh in the year 2000, and we stopped over there at the Louvre to breathe Her in. He had long hung a picture of Her in his Foundation in Los Angeles, and it was there that I first got to know Her in a deeper way. Even though we study these artifacts in history, there is a “barrier to seeing” that our knowing imposes. Remove the “knowing” and you can see with different eyes….ones that are more attuned with the beauty and elegance of simplicity, and the innocence of the artist’s original vision.

fond_01_03Go here to see on the internet a closer ART LOOK. You may be amazed at how the Winged Victory can come triumphant into your life. You may even want to print out a copy of this photo and have Her on your Altar, or at least in a very sacred spot in your house.



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