Babaji in Las Vegas

I never cease being inspired to paint Babaji, especially in the seminars that Sondra teaches on Relationships, Spirituality, and Healing. It is my form of “invocation.” Being trained in the arts, my deepest drive to express myself is often non-verbal. Therefore, painting is a natural medium for me to bring in something from other realms.

I paint Babaji because I feel His presence is important to help people in these times. You could say any spiritual Master is accessible to anyone, anytime. People just have to be sincere in  asking for Their help, and be willing to receive the help once they have asked for it. My draw toward Babaji is because He is so accessible. And He is the embodiment of such simple wisdom: Truth; Simplicity; Love; Service. And He also teaches liberation through work, or “karma yoga,” is the quickest way to evolve. “Work is worship,” is one of my favorite instructions from Him. So I paint Babaji as a major part of my “karma yoga.”


Last weekend Sondra and I were teaching the Loving Relationships Training in Las Vegas. I was guided to paint Babaji, one more time. He is never “old hat,” even though I have painted Him hundreds of times over the past few years. I started out with an earth tone palate, which I seldom do. Probably because in Las Vegas, one is very aware of the desert like quality of the land.  Burnt Sienna became the “field” on which I started. Once I had the facial features blocked in, I mixed a lime green that was rather explosive when I laid it on top of the reddish brown. POW! That was it. You could say the whole color scheme became all about this powerful combination.

I remember one time in my graduate school days I did a work with a medium pink background, with some swatches of sky blue on top. My painting professor, Stephen Greene, was positively impressed with those two colors together. Often, painting is a simple thing. In this case of Babaji in Las Vegas, this green on burnt sienna says it all. Babaji likes to paint and be painted. He is a playful sort of guy. People like to watch Him unfold in the painting. It is very uplifting to watch Him emerge out of a color “stew” and end up staring you in the face. Staring me in the face for starters! This is why most of the time, I consider these works to emit an actual encounter with Him. In India they call this encounter a “darshan.” That is why I love to paint Babaji. I am giving myself and the people the opportunity to “have darshan” with Babaji. Through His “darshan” you receive His many blessings. What could be better?

Bole Baba Ki Jai! as we say.

Mike and Ali Orci have Him in their home now. Rock your world with BABAJI, you guys!


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