The Master Gives Energy Through The Face

In India there is a word that describes a kind of “holy vision” one receives from looking into the face of an enlightened Master. This word is “DARSHAN.” It is more than just describing a vision of something divine. It is a particular energy that is exchanged between the Master and the “devotee.” It is an exchange of pure grace.

The reason I paint the Holy Masters, especially Jesus, it to produce this “exchange of energy” from the Master to the person looking at the painting. What do we know about Jesus that is direct; not what we learned in churches, but what we have experienced from an actual experience with Him and His energy? I want the paintings I do of Jesus to offer this directness.

I painted this “JESUS OF SZCZECIN” in Poland last week. I am not too fussy in my style. I like to use simple and bold colors, usually in keeping with a feeling I am having in a particular country. In this country of Poland, Magenta came to mind as a predominant theme color. So I stuck with that.

I was happy with the result. It emanates peace. Others have confirmed that they felt the same peace that I did. Also, I felt my “touch” was very much sensitized in this work. Sometimes I am more in the zone than other times. I was really “in the zone” on this one.

There have been thousands of painters who have painted Jesus. What makes mine any better or more powerful? I like to think that understanding this principle of “DARSHAN,” and insisting that my paintings emit this direct energy, is half of the battle. This model I use is a painting of Jesus done by Heinrich Hoffmann called “Christ and the Rich Young Ruler.” 

The subtle mood and feeling is unique to every painting. I paint somewhere between abstraction and realism. So having a Blue Jesus is not out of the question, as long as the power of the image comes through to “touch” the viewer. I paint Jesus in order to transmit His Peace and Joy. And during this process I hope to touch upon something very sacred. 

I paint Jesus to offer His “DARSHAN.” I have to be surrendered myself to see Him closely enough to transmit His Presence in a painting. That is my goal, and my passion to do so. These are for sale, and I can paint them on commission as well.


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