The Whole Point of the Icon Painting

For the past 10 years I have been painting the Spiritual Masters with whom I am familiar. I am spiritually enriched in this process.  My intention in these paintings is to capture something of the spiritual power these Masters transmit. I would like the paintings to embody the living presence of the Master, and be a catalyst for some deeply spiritual connection experienced by the person looking at the painting. The energy comes from the Master Himself or Herself. In the distant past, these kinds of paintings were called icon paintings, and they were used to edify the congregation of people who were primarily illiterate, and give them a real time contact, directly with the Love being transmitted by the Master.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

I painted this Icon of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Florida last week. The whole point of the icon painting is to bring into physical actuality that which is often hovering in the ethers of myth and belief. Who would dare to say Jesus and Mary looked like this? It does not matter that they may have looked totally different than a painting of them, but the fact of pure intention to depict them through the painting gives a transmissive quality to this kind of art. It is not just a “picture of ” Jesus and Mary, but it takes on a role of communicating directly Their living presence.

The whole point of the icon painting is to make alive that which was hitherto dormant or dead. It starts out with nothing, and ends up with something. A blank canvas is very daunting. I face it over and over again, and usually surprise myself what comes out in the end. I generally have no pre-conceived picture in my mind’s eye of what is coming forth. Rather, it is a simple and practical process of basic actions with simple choices of colors applied to a clear image of the Master. These conditions set the stage for the paintings’ birth into being.


In Las Vegas this weekend I started this painting of Jesus in green and turquoise. It is still in process. The whole point of the green is to cleanse the mind of agitation, and return it to the peace of God. Jesus has the power to do this, and I imbue the painting with the power to do this. At least that is my intention and aspiration. I ask Jesus to give power to my paintings of Him, and infuse them with His living presence.

The best any painter can do is to “shoot for the stars.” in Latin this is called “aspira astra.” I can go for the highest thought and intention, and ask God to do the rest. I put in my skill to the best of my ability, and ask for His grace to make up for the skill I may not possess. The rest is a divine act of trust in which I paint from my heart, and allow the greater meaning and impact of my work to unfold in time.


This painting of the Divine Mother praying is a work that brings me great solace. I was commissioned by Jane Mnoian for this painting, and I was guided to produce this. I seriously painted it from the heart, because I care for Jane and her family so much. I wanted her to receive the REAL THING. Fervently did I pray that my abilities would rise to the occasion to deliver the Divine Mother’s Energy in the best sense. The Chinese aphorism says, “In order to paint the fish, you must first be the fish.” I had to put myself in the vibration of the praying Divine Mother in order to paint Her. In that I succeeded in being in this vibration, the painting can transmit the Master’s holiness to the person looking at the painting. This is the function of any icon painting. This was, and always is my aspiration to make manifest.

For originals and giclees of these paintings, contact me at

Originals start at $2500 and giclees start at $650

The feeling of the Peace of God is what I have while painting these icons. The feeling of the Peace of God is what I would like you to have in your life by living with these paintings in your home.


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