Why “Jesus of Las Vegas” Sold (before it was finished.)


A few weeks ago we were on the road, in Las Vegas, teaching the Loving Relationships Training. And as usual, I painted one of the Spiritual Masters during the seminar. Since I painted Babaji the last time in Las Vegas, I decided to paint Master Jesus. Sometimes I paint the Divine Mother. Either three of these is a great subject. We call them “The Dream Team.”


“The Dream Team” is composed of the Royalty of all Masters. BABAJI is the “King of the Gurus.” JESUS is noted as the “Prince of Peace” through his total Mastery of forgiveness. And the DIVINE MOTHER is the “Queen of the Cosmos.”  I have painted this “Royal Family” many times, and put this “Dream Team” together on numerous occasions.


It’s not rocket science to realize They already have a wide appeal to the populace. People love to be loved by the Masters. That is why I paint them. They are the ROYALTY of LOVE, and that is what the paintings emanate. People feel their love coming through the paintings. And this is a Royal test I always have on the road when I am painting them: Do I capture this Love energy in the painting? When I do there is always someone in the audience who purchases the painting, and everyone is happy.

So in Las Vegas LRT I wrote down my goal for the training as I always do. This time only one: I wanted to paint a Master-Peace of JESUS and sell it for $2250. I only had that one goal, even before I started it. This is what came out:


Before I was even half finished with the work, Jane Mnoian, one of our students in the LRT, came up to me after a Liberation Breathing session and said, “I want to buy that Jesus Painting.” OK. I told her I would give her first option on the purchase. So when I posted the price for opening bids, she paid the price: $2250, which was what I wrote down in my “goals.” ROYALTY always gets people’s attention, and SPIRITUAL ROYALTY gives LOVE beyond anything else. I passed the “Royal Road Test,” painting a Master-Peace and selling it for my intended price. Who says miracles do not happen?

And Jane is already writing us about the miracles that are happing as a result of having “Jesus of Las Vegas” in her house.

THANK YOU JESUS, for my link to a very ROYAL purpose: I am the “court painter of the “Dream Team.”


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