A vision in Umea, Sweden.

We have been to UMEA, Sweden, a couple times now. There is a peace in the land. Perhaps Scandinavia has this all over. One feels it in Denmark and Iceland as well. Even Estonia, one of the Baltic States, has this summer vibration of peace coming up from the land. I wonder if the long winters and almost perpetual night in those months has something to do with such a deep tranquility one feels here in the summer.

I painted this scene looking out from the balcony of our apartment here in UMEA. Of course a river and a bridge is cliche, but none the less inspiring subject matter. I painted these last year, and left them as a presents for Gunilla, in whose apartment we are staying, and Marianne, who organizes sessions and events for us here.



The peace of Sweden is very much a part of the attraction to this Nordic country. We come here to be rejuvenated, and restored. Sondra’s mother was pure Swedish. An appreciation comes over us every time we enter the North. We are enveloped by its pastoral beauty. I like the North. Had many past lives here, I suspect. Good ones, it feels like.

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