Babaji, Jesus , and the Divine Mother


This Triptych is my wife’s, Sondra Ray’s, favorite. It represents what we call the “Dream Team.” Babaji on the left, Jesus of A Course in Miracles in the middle, and Ammachi as the Divine Mother on the right.

Why do we call them the “Dream Team?”

Spiritual Masters are very much needed in our evolution to awaken ourselves to our absolute Being, who we really are. The Masters are simply people who have already done this. They stand as the “helpers” of humanity to achieve unconditional love. They incarnate without the enmeshment into personality issues and problems, although they understand fully what these problems are. Because they understand, they are able to liberate us from the “problems” that we made up. This “awakens” us to be in our God Created Self, to abide in our True Identity we share with Them and all humanity.

For us, these three Masters provide a complete team for our liberation. Babaji gets us in touch with the Elements: Earth-Air-Fire-Water-Space, and helps us to dedicate our lives to TRUTH, SIMPLICITY, LOVE & SERVICE. Jesus helps us to see our thoughts are what produce our results, and He helps us to change them. He gives us forgiveness as the means for escaping the negative effects of our cellular memory, past mistakes, even thoughts of death, etc. Ammachi, who is an incarnation of the Divine Mother in these times, puts us immediately in a state of unconditional love. She hugs thousands of souls a day, and Her blessings are available now, in the flesh. Her blessings are well worth your devotion, and help you transcend all separation you may feel toward your brothers and sisters who may not think like you.

Combined, we call these Masters our “Dream Team” because they guide and direct our life toward our own Liberation and Enlightenment. They help us to “be all we can be,” and ascend to higher levels of our human evolution. They “cut time” for us and “blaze a trail” that we can clearly follow to be a great soul. We call them the “Dream Team” because they form a miraculous combo. Isn’t it beyond your wildest dreams to have them “together,” accessible in this lifetime? It does not get any better than this.

As for these particular paintings: the Babaji I painted in the Italian Alps; the Jesus I painted in Brazil; and the Divine Mother I painted in Valencia, Spain. I put them together in this triptych to give darshan of their whole presence to anyone who wants to relate to them as “a team.” They can give you an extended blessing when you have this painting in your home. E-mail purchase inquiries to

—Markus Ray—


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