Two Jesus Paintings and a Divine Mother

On a recent tour of the East Coast in the USA, I had the opportunity to paint three works on the road. Sondra and I taught a Loving Relationships Training in New York, then we traveled to Philadelphia to see some old friends and visit the Barnes Foundation’s new facility on the Parkway. It is a stunning relocation of Albert Barnes’ art collection that he amassed in the early 20th century, in a new building very wonderfully done. This will be the subject of a separate post.

This is the first painting I did in New York. It is a mostly monochrome painting that keeps the theme simple and in my opinion exudes more of a peaceful quality:


imageWe traveled from Philadelphia to Virginia and Washington. At our friends’ house in the Virginia horse country, I painted this Jesus in keeping with the colors of the Minnesota Vikings, a football team which was our hosts’ home team – purple and gold:


imageAfter Virginia, we drove into Washington to see the new Visitor’s Center under the Capitol building, which houses the original sculpture of Our Lady of Freedom, Who stands in bronze on top of the Capitol dome. The plaster model in the Visitor’s Center is the original restored version from which the bronze was cast. This will also be the subject of a separate post.

After our visit to Washington we headed back up to New York to the Omega Institute where we were part of the faculty of the Breath Immersion Conference. There I was inspired to paint the Divine Mother as Ammachi during the Conference. It was donated  to Jessica Dibb’s breathwork community in Baltimore, namely to Pat.



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    VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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