The Colors of Your Face

The colors of Your face are a constellation
of myriad strokes from my palette’e homage. I 
hold the brush of adoration and attempt my 
painting that does You justice. I ask for Your 
divine will to enter my mind and flow through
my hands, moving the paint onto the canvas of
Your Love. I make my first moves with care
and reservation, knowing that this holy task
needs Your guidance.  First would I place
some strokes of direction to form the basic
shape of your vibrant visage of tranquil
presence, Your oval countenance of pure 
reason. The picture begins to take form as You
emerge and make Yourself known. Manifesting
rays of orange and yellow come forth from Your
crown. I locate Your eyes in this pose of divine
meditation, and the brows that ground me in
certainty appear below this vastness of Your
immense forehead, taking me to temples un-
known, beyond the confines of this lovely earth.
Your hair is a free flowing arch of yellow
green strands and red-orange ripples that 
fill the channels of cascading compassion. You
are in this world but not of it, my Master of
the sacred mind of Truth. Your nose and lips
are easy now to form, because Simplicity takes
over my gestures of well placed drawing. The
colors of Your Love remain open. My time is
almost finished now, as You manifest more strongly
in this artful mission to be made into the master-
piece of painted semblance of Your holy stature.



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