Two Paintings of Jesus done in Altea, Spain

We recently spent two weeks in Southern Spain in the small port town of Altea. Sondra and I were teaching the God Training™ to about 35 people there. Over the entire period of our two week stay, I painted these two portraits of Jesus — Jesus with rays….and one without rays. Both are acrylic paint on linen….approximately 65CM X 100CM.


Jesus of Altea with Rays

I sold this first one, Jesus of Altea with Rays, to a man in Valencia….then I began another painting, not quite sure if the subject of Jesus was in store. Then the clarity came to me and I decided on another Christ-like figure, this time without any vectors or rays. I call this one simply Jesus of Altea. They were a Joy to paint in the home of Meg Van Amstel, our friend and organizer, who supplied the marvelous home/venue for our two weeks in Spain.

This painting below is for sale for 1008 € plus shipping costs.  Direct inquiries to Meg Van Amstel: or to Markus Ray:


Jesus of Altea

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