Is peace a desirable quality in the corporate culture you work within? Usually business is about getting things done; about supplying the products and meeting the needs of the people you are serving; about “delivering the goods”. Obviously any work you do is meant to satisfy certain goals and conditions, but is one of those goals PEACE in the hearts and minds of all parties involved — you, your higher ups, and your end line users?

The right ART could make huge strides in the corporate setting to ensure an environment in which PEACE is employed instead of struggle and strife. There are some works of ART that bring our minds to PEACE, when we have a good ART LOOK at them. Here is a Kwan Yin that I find particularly worthy of its ability to change your vibration from one of concern and agitation to one of a harmonious inner “OM”.

IMG_0412This sculpture of a person totally relaxed does wonders for your internal state of being. If you were to stare at this picture for 60 seconds (not the usual 4-5 seconds that research shows most people spend LOOKING at a piece of ART in a museum) you will notice an obvious change in your inner mood toward increased calm. I dare you to try it. Right now. And welcome you to comment on your results of this ONE MINUTE meditation.

What if you gave ONE MINUTE an hour in your work-a-day world to this kind of “power meditation”. That is 8 minutes a day out of 480. Small investment, no? People would not even outwardly notice you are doing this practice. Think of what it would do for your productivity. You may actually be inspired, and through that inspiration be noticed and rewarded more in your corporate culture as a visionary and a person who can implement the best and the brightest WORK.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Implement PEACE in the PLACE OF REAL PRODUCTIVITY — inside your SELF in your own MIND. Make your corporate culture a veritable sanctuary for your own JOY, and the JOY of those around you.


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  • Teresa Aguiar

    I find this exercise simply inspiring! Thank you Mark!!! I will be sharing with friends 🙂

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