The Significance of Feet

The feet are the lowest and humblest part of the body, the connection we have with the earth, and the grounding factor when it comes to spiritual symbolism. These are the feet of SONDRA RAY before our wedding in India in 2009. They are commonly painted this way with henna, the night before the wedding festivities.

0clip_image001This is the first ODE in my new book, soon to be out in March, Odes to the Divine Mother


I Am At Your Feet

I am at Your feet, forever at Your feet. To me that is higher than Mt. Everest. You are beyond the stars, so Your toes are the very galaxies I cannot comprehend. To touch them is to rise higher than I have ever gone. To leave this world a moment in my contemplation of You is to travel light years past my familiar places, past the planets of this solar system, past my place on earth in this small body of flesh and bone, into another realm of Divine perfection. I cannot fathom You, but nonetheless my certainty grows of Your omnipresent existence in everything I can sense, and in everything so far beyond what I can sense. Even my thought falls short of conceiving Your immensity. I am silenced for a while in gratitude, knowing Your tender loving care surrounds me in all time and space—Your caresses upon my soul reassure my inner child, walking ahead of You, that my Mother will always be there, just a half step behind me, to guide my steps and cushion any fall. O Mother, I sing my praises to You as I enter into a New Life. Purge me of all guile, make me Your servant more and more; come into me completely and inspire my Life to be an action of beauty for You.


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