I painted this in my studio in Philadelphia around 2002. For quite a while I was working with the “X” as a compositional structure; aso a strong central and vertical axis. This painting is done with acrylics on four canvases bolted together. It’s overall size is roughly 6 & 1/2 feet wide and 5 & 1/2 feet tall. It is for sale, of course….if you are interested, leave a comment with your e-mail and a bid commensurate with a going rate for paintings of this size.

“The Grail”

Verticality is what drinking the Divine gives us, a sense that we are related to higher forces above that cannot be fathomed with the body’s senses. I suppose the real HOLY GRAIL is a realization that we are timeless beings, immortal beings, in a short act called “this incarnation”. “The Grail” is one of my drinks of Divine that imbibes in a kinesis of color. I remember showing my teacher, Tara Singh, this painting and he said, “Wow, you really captured it!”…meaning the Grail energy beyond thought.

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  • fromthomas77b

    Hi, Marcus, I like your mission statement and think that ” The Grail is Amazing and powerful.

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