Hello, This is Markus Ray, and I invite you to be part of this web log “ART LOOK”. It will be a place to view ART……some I have created, some I have not created.

It will not be confined just to visual art, but since I am a painter it will include paintings a lot. Poetry is also my interest…so I will include poetry as well……my own and that of others.

At “ART LOOK” we invite you to interact and make comments…to join us in our mutual appreciation for the expressions that LIFT us into another dimension of perception.

Recently I have taken on the surname of my wife, Sondra Ray, instead of my old surname….Sullivan. So I feel refreshed with a new beginning. Also this feels symbolic of the shift that will help our planet begin to honor the Divine Feminine that sustains all LIFE.

This is a picture of me painting Babaji in Perth, Australia.


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  • Celia Jennings

    Beautiful website Markus, and I love the Valhalla painting – excellent idea to use art to uplift and inspire, as you do. Love and blessings, Celia-Suddha X

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