A hill with a phallic object on top

There is a place in England that is considered by many to be the “Heart Center” of the world. That place is Glastonbury. We are giving a retreat there in August (8-16) and you can come join us for an in depth immersion into the spiritual energies of Glastonbury, Liberation Breathing, and soulful journeys to the surrounding sacred sites. We will visit Stonehenge, and the Glastonbury Tor, among others.

The Glastonbury Tor is unique. It is an ancient hill that was used in the pre-Christian era for worship of the Divine Mother. During the Christian time there was a church built on top of the Tor, St. Michael’s. All that stands there now is a lone tower, and because of its singular position, it appears as a phallic symbol on top of a huge motherly mound.

We will ascend to the top of the Tor during our retreat, and invoke the Divine Male and Female energies to help us grasp and commune with the Holy Grail of Physical Immortality.

I painted these watercolors in anticipation of being at Glastonbury on top of the Tor. This first one began as two free flowing arcs,  energies shooting upward to a crest point. Then within this humped shape emerged a kinesthetic swirl of forms aspiring upwards.

“TOR # 1”

The next painting has a suggestion of “St Michael’s Tower” at the top of the Tor. One feels the energy of elation on top of the Tor. You feel like you are on the crest of the world, even though it is only a couple hundred feet higher than the town of Glastonbury below.

“TOR #2”

The third painting utilizes a “column of light yellow,” vertically filling the center with a “Shiva Energy.” One of Shiva’s forms is a column of light that extends upward into infinity and also downward into infinity. This implies His being has no beginning and no end. Shiva is a “god of destruction,” destruction of illusions, or of that which is not supportive of Life. He is the great Cosmic House Cleaner.

“TOR #3”

And the final painting has a quality of a serpentine bowel in the middle of the Tor. The womblike nature of the hill lends itself to all kinds of things “gestating” from within: rainbows, steps, serpents, orbs and tails of inner elements all in the belly of the Mother of creation. The Father post sits atop the Tor, in honor of this vast container of cosmic things.

“TOR #4”

This set of four Glastonbury TOR series paintings are for sale. Inquire at

JOIN US here for the Glastonbury Quest 2017, August 8-16:

…..and bring your watercolor pad. Perhaps you will paint your own versions of the Tor.

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