Orange is the New “Jesus in Estonia”

I painted an “Orange Jesus” in Estonia. It was a joyous affair. I love Estonia, and do some of my best work here.

When I was in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and I received a clear direction that I should paint the “Dream Team,” the triumvirate of Spiritual Masters, EQUALLY. So my paintings of Babaji, the Divine Mother, and Jesus of A Course in Miracles are the correct subjects, but they should be painted one after the other, equally. This was my guidance. Babaji, The Divine Mother, then Jesus; then start again with Babaji, the Divine Mother, then Jesus, etc.

Also, paint some regular people sometimes.

In Estonia I was to paint Jesus. OK. In Amsterdam I painted the Divine Mother, so now it was time to paint Jesus. Simple. Yes.

I started out with a purple ground, then made a few gestures to get my bearings in a slightly lighter purple. This stage is kind of like “mapping out my strokes,” without committing to heavily to the drawing, yet. Then I can easily make adjustments in the next round of darker strokes.

Purple Field for the Orange Jesus  

Looking, Adjusting, Stroking, Touching, Readjusting. It is all a kind of “feeling one’s way” process. Even though I often use the same model for painting Jesus, it always comes out in its own unique vibration. This Purple was very strong, I noticed. It was kind of a WOW color experience I was having with it.


After finding my way with the facial features, blocking in the hair and the neck was very easy. Boom Boom. Now I had to consider the color of the face. I had my paint tubes spread out on the floor near my painting area. The cadmium yellow and the cadmium orange stood out to me. I was mesmerized by them, in fact. And the combination of purple and orange all of a sudden “struck me.” Why not, let’s try it. I used my broad brush and blocked it out.



OK. I liked it. It seemed to have a “color life” all of its own. Now I had to consider the eyes for an Orange Jesus. Here in Estonia many of the people are “blonde and blue eyed.” Their eyes are like pools of Glacial Ice-Blue. That was it! Soon I had them painted in. Looked good, I thought. Then the final stage was to strengthen the orange a little more, and make the aura spread out a little more as well. Some small adjustments to the beard and hair, and VOILA! DONE. I put my MR on there and called it a good couple of days at the easel.

Now what to do? I had a couple more days in the 5-Day Liberation Breathing Intensive to paint something else. OK, Babaji did tell me, “paint some regular people sometimes.” Well, our organizer, Pille Tali, is far from “regular,” having totally understood her Divine Mission and purpose in this life, but she seemed to be the one I was to paint with the rest of my time in Estonia. I still had some purple mixed up, So I used that for a ground as well.


Then I wanted to explore that turquoise “Glacial Ice-Blue” that is such a psychic color and influence up here near the Arctic Circle. So that was it! It did not take me long to get in the groove with this. It would be a simple one in the end. And I would fill the rest of my time “painting a regular person,” and get more practiced in this art.

But the real MIRACLE happened after the training. A former student and Babaji devotee, Om Prakash (Oliver) Norman, came for a rebirthing session in the evening. After his session in Pille’s Rebirthing Room, he saw the Orange Jesus of Estonia and was so moved by it that he purchased it for his house. We know it will help him with the life changes we discussed in his session. OM NAMAH SHIVAY!

When things are flowing in the vibration of Miracle Consciousness, good things happen even without us planning them, or expending any effort. THANK YOU Om Prakash, Pille Tali, and all the wonderful people at the Estonian 5-Day Liberation Breathing Intensive who contributed to these miracles. And also Thanks to my SONDRA RAY. “She is my everything,” and my Shakti power as well.

BOLE BABA KI JAI! Orange Jesus is alive and well in Estonia.



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