One Out Of The Many

Some of you “spiritual folks” commented that the last two posts on Sex were “from the ego” and implied that Sex “divides us,” therefore does not promote wholeness―Oneness you called it. I am not defending anything here other than to say you completely missed the point of the last two posts on Sexuality.

Let’s face the facts. Taking a body itself is an action of division. You put food in your mouth, not mine. And you put money in your bank account, not mine. You had sex to produce your children, and your parents had sex to produce you. And it was not all from just procreative obligation. So to pretend to be liberated in your cosmological view, as though the realization of Oneness has already been achieved, is a bit arrogant on your part in my view. We are moving toward that Oneness, of course. But in this world of division, by virtue of us even being here in a body (you chose to come here too, as everyone did) we are striving to forgive ourselves for that. And forgive Sex that got us here in the first place.

A Course in Miracles, which we study voraciously and apply, stresses “the forgiven world,” which is “Christ’s vision.” All divisions are unified in this vision, even Sex, which the traditional Churches have loaded up with guilt, and this includes the “new agey” ones too. And the last two posts were directed to unify and forgive SEX for the shame and abuse it has disproportionately endured.


The ONE from the MANY. Last I checked, Sex involves the “many.” Your mom and dad got together (the MANY) to produce the ONE (which is you)! Now tell me you are rejected from Wholeness because of that. I think not, in a “forgiven world.” So if you still are condemning Sex as part of the “ego’s world of division,” then guess what―you are still in that world of opposites condemning yourself. You can do that if you want, but you certainly will not have a beatific vision of Wholeness that you so love to tout as your personal achievement.

Sex is not gratification nor sensation in the “forgiven world.” It is a sacrament of holiness. It is not exploitation within the division of opposites. It is E PLURIBUS UNUM, or―ONE within the PLURAL.

Peony of the Goddess


Here is another holy tattoo you can appreciate or not. When it comes to Beauty, Beauty is Wholeness. Two become one. Or thousands become One. The body of this Goddess flowers perfectly with the masterful drawing of the Peony and gives us a Oneness of total unification. You could say the body is real and the Tattoo is an illusion. Or you high falutin ACIM students could say they are both “illusions,” because we “are not a body.” Or you could say in a world of “illusions,” these two seemingly “opposite” things, a Body and a 2-Dimensional Drawing (clearly and illusion), came together in a “forgiven world” and melded in unity to form a Beautiful Thing. In my book that is ONENESS, with a capital O. In my book, the Spirit is always present in a Beautiful Thing, and is the very Force that moved the elements together to form Beauty out of “the Cosmic stuff” in the first place. OM Namah Shivay! Thank you very much.

The Power of Love comes out of the Sex of the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is Everything manifested. Her Body is the Universe and everything in it. Not one place in which She is absent exists. And this includes all Sexual places that we may want to denigrate to lower levels of Reality. This woman, giving birth to her child underwater, is the epitome of the Divine Mother’s Power. The baby is in bliss, the mother is in bliss, and if you cannot get yourself in bliss watching this, and you still wanna think Sex is some kind of lower order of separation and ego-based division, then you have no idea what you are seeing here. And your condemnation of Spirit coming fully into Flesh via the Joy of Sex is your own hang-up and your own self-imposed separation within a polite hell of misery―that you made up. You would be no different from the Churchianity “pundits” who think denial of Sex is some kind of virtue, while at the same time buggering little kids in the back rooms of their delicious guilt of pseudo celibacy. You would both be hypocrites, though you a milder version.

Well, we are all forgiven here, and that is the end of the discussion. If we are not to “separate ever again from Oneness” in the view that Sex is “separation only,” then suppose we tell every human being on the planet NO MORE SEX! Within 100 years or so, maybe a little more, 120 years perhaps, there would be no more humans here. I will let you send out those “NO MORE SEX” emails. See how far you get on that “campaign to blame” Sex for all the ills of Separation in this world.

But this is not the case. Sex is totally Innocent, and Sex is totally Sacred. And when two come together to form ONE, there are no more “opposites” in a dance of Divine Glory.

My Girl Whom I Find Voluptuous In Our ONENESS!
Bali Water Goddesses

The Voluptuous Female Form has been revered forever it seems, as long as we have had eyes to see Art. Art Look is a celebration of this Voluptuousness. Moving in the direction of Wholeness and the unification of seeming “opposites,” the male and the female come together to form ONE. We all know this happens in Life. Why should we diminish its Sacredness or importance? Leonardo Da Vinci (we have all heard of him, right, the painter of the Mona Lisa, one of the most viewed paintings of all time) drew all kinds of marvelous things. He even drew the ultimate “two in one,” E PLURIBUS UNUM, one could possibly imagine: Coitus Extraordinaire.

Here you go, girls―where most heterosexual men want to end up―inside the womb from which they came. And if you do not want to see this as God’s Gift of Nirvana while “in the body,” then we don’t have much in common in pondering these Art Look posts, and you may be wise not to come back here. Go find your “Oneness” somewhere out of the body, and while you are at it, before you “go there,” please send your bank balance over to mine, because if we are all “One” in your eyes now, that should not be any big deal to you.

Of course, I say this in jest. You have your opinions about the whole matter of Sex, and I am not in the position to “make you wrong” for it. However, consider a higher thought gals―E PLURIBUS UNUM. The Pussy and the Penis are not separated entities any more than you are from me. You could prefer woman to woman, man to man, man to woman, or woman to man, or man and woman to nothing at all. But the fact remains, like all other entities in this world, forgiveness covers them in the entire shebang, and Wholeness includes everything, even Sex. It transmutes all of our mistaken usage and outlooks on Sex into ONE WHOLE Cosmic Grandeur. Ou lá lá!



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