Painted together in our classes on Liberation Breathing

I always paint in the classes that we give around the world on Relationships and Liberation Breathing. This pair of portraits of AMMACHI & BABAJI were done near Curitiba, Brazil, in our work there with Tom Cau.

IMG_1470They were purchased by a young couple for their new home. It is important to establish a “spiritual precedent” for a relationship to work in its optimum. That old adage, “A family that prays together stays together”, is not far from the truth of good advice. So I was very happy this young couple bought the paintings, because they serve as a reminder of the spiritual connection that is so important for the richness of a relationship to prosper and flower.

IMG_1472AMMACHI is in golden tones of yellow and burnt sienna. Sondra calls this my “creme brulee” AMMA.

IMG_1474I particularly “hit it” on the eyes of this BABAJI. They stick to you, if you really give them a few second to penetrate.

THANK YOU to TOM CAU and VANILDA who took very good care of us in Brazil…and our translator Joao. Brazil was very productive for us.


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