The Divine Mother and Babaji in Denmark

I painted this “Divine Couple” in Copenhagen, Denmark, last weekend. We did the Sex & Money Seminar in Mie Moltke’s dance studio called the SOUL HOUSE ….and a good time was had by all.  Mie and her husband, Lai Yde, have created a fantastic center for soulful living and dance. Mie is a well know ballroom dancer who is in the elite class of worldwide performers who have won international competitions….Lai is her consort who, together with Mie, has created SOUL HOUSE. It is a fantastic center for discovering the deeper spiritual values in everyday life and work, from which main stream people can access and benefit.  THANK YOU, Mie and Lai, for opening your SOUL HOUSE to us, and your hearts to the people of Denmark for this wonderful place for integration of MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. May this painting bless the SOUL HOUSE for many years to come.



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