Since being “on the road” with SONDRA RAY my painting has been geared to a size commensurate with travel…. small canvases and drawings…. usually 60 x 80 CM or smaller. In Altea, Spain, at Meg Van Amstel’s house by the sea, I had the opportunity to “paint a big one”. This painting of BABAJI with STARS, done over a period of a week, is 186 X 196 CM (about 6 ft. X 6 1/2 ft.) It is pre-destined to occupy a new house she is building there in Altea.

P1010608There is a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing that is very famous hanging in Meg’s house. I was inspired by it, and actually painted this canvas in the spot where it was hanging:

LeonardoVitruvianManDuring Sondra’s lecture on Immortality, this drawing was very prominent. It is a measurement of divine proportions….that interests the artist…so it was fitting that I painted BABAJI under its influence. Here is Sondra lecturing with Da Vinci in the background:


Here is a detail of the painting, “BABAJI with STARS”:


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  • Alejandra

    Hello, this is Alejandra, who made the translation for you in Altea.
    Congratulations for the amazing picture you made, it’s really amazing. Thanks for it and for the rest of the experience, it literally changed my life. Thanks for your kindness and all your teachings. You both did touch my heart.

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