“DARSHAN” Painted in Copenhagen

I usually paint in the seminars while Sondra is teaching. This last weekend in Copenhagen I painted this BABAJI during her classes on Physical Immortality.  What I find is that I get into a zone —listening in the background to her teachings as I am also inspired by BABAJI to paint His “darshan”.  Darshan is an interesting word in India, which refers to a “vision of the Master” that enters a person’s heart and transforms him in the moment by the sheer presence of holiness transmitted by the Master. It is a gift from the Master to the Student. When it is the “real thing”…it is one of the most precious encounters in Life.

P1010630I always see these pictures of holy beings as small “darshans” in paint. The “icon painters” of old may have been close in their intentions to this kind of thing, but in modern times the “icon” is more of Pop figures and portraits of everyday people. This is all ok, but this new version of the “icon” is what interests me…. more of a “darshan” than an “icon”. I want the painting to be alive and have an actual presence for the people observing it…. so it can transmit the energy of BABAJI Himself.

There was a lady in the class who was doing her breath session and BABAJI came to her, in the form of the painting —a brilliant orange color. Then she knew that this painting was for her house. She had been “asking” for a painting of an orange BABAJI…and was looking on the internet for one…to no avail. Then she was told, “It is coming to you.” This was a few weeks before we came to Copenhagen. Then during the training she had no idea I often paint BABAJI…. and “voila!”…there He was in His full splendor…in orange.  And I had no expectation she was looking for an orange BABAJI.  She bought the painting for her home. BOLE BABA KI JAI!!

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