Painted near Belo Horizonte in Brazil

What Does OM Really Mean?

This is the first painting of Babaji in which I put an “OM” sign. Somehow it happened that I ended up with a canvas that was 120CM tall and 60CM wide….twice as tall as wide, a proportion I do not use very often. So I had a lot of space either at the top or the bottom….and nearby was a brass “OM” sign standing up on the altar. So that seemed to be the right fit in the space above the head….Babaji in meditation in this case.

“OM” is the root sound, the “first word” uttered out of the “Mouth of God” to precede the whole universe. What exactly does it mean? It is like the words “GOD” or “LOVE”…. words that almost defy definition, but nevertheless play a major part in our human endeavors.

“OM” and “GOD” are two words almost synonymous, however “OM” is more of the infinite manifestation….”GOD” is the Thought behind the Form. “OM”, therefore, is “GOD” made manifest. So we would also call that the “Divine Mother”, or the aspect of the Divine that has actual physicality.

BABAJI, the perfect YOGI, has unified the THOUGHT of Who He is as GOD created Him with the FORM of His incarnation. He is the THOUGHT of GOD in the FORM of OM. So we say OM NAMAH SHIVAY when we honor Him and His LIFE FORCE. He destroys our ignorance of separation, the ignorance that divides spirit from form. We are all GOD in the form of OM. So when we say “OM”….it is like reciting our Name in God,  in our actual pure state of BEING unified in spirit and form.

So here is the painting I did in Brazil of BABAJI with “OM”….the one symbol of His True FORM…..manifested as a THOUGHT of GOD….just like our True FORM is manifested as a THOUGHT of GOD.

MARKUS RAY in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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  • Andrew Tailor Bosher

    Hey Mark,
    How are you ? I thought I might share this dream I had about a week ago…I woke from a dream at 3 am. “We don’t know what it is but Babaji has come.” Some news reporters voice has stated. “it is ten feet tall and stretches through the park” They refered to this “artistic” structure or what might be seen as some modern day space age temple or space of warship apparently materializing itself in one of NYC’s city garden’s like Hyde Park. It is shiny with miror like cubes that construct it. Each cube has each of its corners tapered off and each shiny cube is staked one on the other to create a one floor building with then some fence-like structures that radiate along the sidewalk at a 90 degree angle and worms its way up the park sidewalk path. Images of Haidakan Babagi or on it in a silahuette outline on the smokey reflective surface as are silahuettes of Mark and Sondra holding hands and other devotees who have spread the message and prepared the world for his coming. This was the part of the dream that I woke up to.
    There was more as I went back passing over the dream in my mind…I was sitting in a big studio space with dim lighting at the end of this table sewing towards the end of the evening for many of the lights had already been truned off, other workers had gone home I was left alone with just the young guy who was collecting the trash. I spotted a box with what he had collected to throw away…”score” I said to myself. There in the box were all the good quality old material of the once upon a time tailor. As I picked up the box and put it under my table top in my personal area, I realized the “trash boy” had come around the other side of the room with another box saying,”did you see what they were going to through away?” ” I stood up and met him at the closest table. “Ya… You know what these are?”Partly trying to convince him that these precious supplies would be more of value to myself than him… partly to educate him on there importance. We put down the box and started to explore its contents.
    We picked thorugh the box. “This is button whole thread that the tailors used to use to hand stitch button holes. This is the ‘gimp’ that we put inside the whole…this is…. “I continued and he looked on in awe and curiosity. “Have you ever learned tailoring before?” I asked. “I’ll show you,” we signaled to each other that we should finish up the days work though, and he was suprised to see me a few minutes later in a workmans’s trash collectors suit, blue bellow ans green o top woth many pockets, sleeves rolled up collecting the trash to help him finish up his “labors.”He has always seen me sitting and sewing in a more “leisurely” possition.
    We had finished and I asked him again, “have you ever tailored before?” To reconfirm his participation and interest in learning , which he continued to show interest in doing. I found a disformed piece of plexiglass plastic on the table an obvious throw-away and brought it over to the iron inwhich I put a cloth on and melted back flat to make a ruler or flat edge for him to work with. As I preceeded to show him some of the basic ropes of tailoring something happened…a book appreared before me somehow with artistic renditions of Babagi as if a book that covered the exehbition talked about earlier in the dream. This is all the same dream I might mention, just overlapping episodes free of time and space. As I flipped through this book I saw images of Babagi in colorful profiles not very different to what Mark paints during his seminars with Sondra. One example, as many seemed to be like just in different variations, was Babaji painted with another silahuetted figure, not once but twice! So there were two siahuetted figures next to two other silauetted figures identical to the original two. These “silahuettes” were dreamy white with colorful profiles around them using Marks bright palate of colors in a aura-like manor. Turning thorugh the pages there were many other “doubled”images of the master easily recognizable as the Babagi. I flipped through the book using it as a creative inspiration as I put it open , before me as I worked. The boy was still there looking on as I was engaged in this new creative space and then Sondra was sitting then behind me talki
    She said along with many other things,”I wish our time has come we (Mark and I ) have been working so hard.” She said this refering to this endless world tour and almost choiceless act of service that they had been delivering forever now. “And North and South Korea… I just pray that they don’t reunite. It is an impossible situation. It just won’t work.” She seemed to be refering to a pollitical situation that was very heated and would really effect the world if it exploded possibly refering to there nucular capabilities. She then got up and walked around the studio chatting and picking up things here and there.


    • markusray

      HI Andrew…sorry it took me to long to respond…I missed it.

      THANK YOU for sharing your dream. We will be in Brighton in November for an LRT 8-10.

      Hope to see you.


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