Make What Hangs on Your Walls Count !

There are certain art objects and paintings in my life that would be hard to live without now, as they have become so much a part of my reason for being. One is a painting and altar to the Divine Mother. This is in our living room and dominates the vibration of the space. For me it offers a “meeting place” of my soul with the ever giving benevolence of Life Itself, which is what the Divine Mother represents.


There is a powerful statue of Quan Yin sitting on the altar, along with a picture of Mary and one of Ammachi. The statue is only about a foot tall, but it emanates a huge sense of peace and relaxation. That is what your living room should be, yes? A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN REST, RELAX AND REPLENISH.

Moving into the hallway we have some sculptures of wood carved in Bali that would be hard to imagine living without. One is a very small carving of a Balinese woman, very delicately carved, and the other is a set of Balinese rice field Goddesses, one of which is shown here.

I guess you are  noticing the Divine Mother energy is very strong in our place. The Divine Father is here too, in the form of a Painting of Jesus I did a few years ago, and a lot of photos of Babaji.

Last but not least are a couple of Divine Mother paintings that are important. One is by Francene Hart from Hawaii of Madame Pele, which is on the cover of Sondra’s book Pele’s Wish. The other is an original copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a very famous Ikon painting that lives in Mexico City.

These are some works of art “I can’t live without.” What would yours be? You might like to give this question some attention. Make what hangs on your walls count. Your home is your temple, and it is the place where you can “charge up” your battery of soul energy. Why not have lofty stuff around you, in addition to the usual souvenirs?



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