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Markus Ray

MARKUS RAY has made a name for himself traveling around the world creating paintings of Babaji, Jesus, Ammachi, the Divine Mother in all her many manifestations. He also writes spiritual poetry and teaches with his consort, SONDRA RAY, on relationships and spiritual matters. ( see here: ) In an earlier incarnation of his 40 years of painting, he worked in a more symbolic and organic style, with imagery that was more free formed.

MARKUS received his formal art training at the Rhode Island School of Design, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. His mentors were the OP ART painter Julian Stanczak in Cleveland, and ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST Stephen Greene who painted in New York and taught in Philadelphia. What he gleaned in his own work from these two relationships was a keen colorist emphasis and an insistence on sacred content.

Now MARKUS lives in WASHINGTON DC,  and travels around the world with SONDRA RAY on her mission of world service to spread the good news of Liberation Breathing and spiritual retreats to sacred sites worldwide.

Cave To Bliss - Markus Ray - Art Look - Paintings
Cave To Bliss
Cave On Fire - Markus Ray - Art Look - Paintings
Cave On Fire
Cave In A Pool - Markus Ray Art Look - Paintings
Cave In A Pool

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