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Markus Ray

Divine Mother of Santa Fe by Markus Ray

The Purpose of “ART NICHE”……

MARKUS RAY’S “Art Look” —an art lover’s companion— has the mission to enhance people’s lives with an appreciation for art, for beauty, and for painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture—what we often refer to as the “visual arts.” The articles written are for that purpose.

The purpose of “ART NICHE” is to give One Work a focus, and to make it available for purchase.

“Divine Mother of Santa Fe” is an acrylic painting on canvas.

Acrylic on Canvas;  30 inches X 40 inches.

Medium: Acrylic Paint

I painted this Divine Mother of Santa Fe while staying with our good friends in that town in New Mexico. I wrote an article HERE about my painting process for this work or art.

As with all my paintings, one of its main functions is to provide a focus for meditation. You can actually meditate on this Divine Mother and gain inner peace. You can appreciate the calm in the middle of a storm. You can even appreciate the storm.

For purchase of this Acrylic Painting on Canvas, (Click Here)


Markus Ray and The Divine Mother of Santa Fe


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