Two Weeks in Paradise in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Two weeks ago Sondra and I came to Kamalaya, a healing center on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand, created by a friend of ours whom we know from our time in India at Babaji’s Ashram. He built this incredible place of wellness, which offers many healing modalities to the guests who come from all over the world. We have been here practicing Liberation Breathing®, offering workshops, talks, and sessions to the clientele. The place itself is a work of art. John Stewart, our friend, is also an art dealer, specializing in Asian antiquities. The reclining Buddha in the Reception Room is an example. It sets the vibration of this place, one of relaxation. John and his wife Karina have done a remarkable job creating this sanctuary of wellness.



Kamalaya is built on the side of a mountain, sloping up from the sea. There was a Buddhist cave on the property where monks chanted and prayed for centuries.  So the place already has a holy vibe. But the beauty is also taken to a new level with the magnificent melding of nature and architecture. Everywhere one goes, everywhere one sits, and all the rooms and villas where the people stay are perfectly situated to enhance one’s experience of natural beauty.



This is the view from our bedroom window, for instance. Who would think of putting a villa so immersed in nature that one does not feel separated from the natural world? Just the fact that every inch of space here at Kamalaya is integrated into nature, is very incredible. After awhile of being here, the guest melds with nature and becomes more calm, naturally, without any real effort. One feels embraced, enhanced, and held by the Divine Mother, Who is the Source of it all. Call Her the Life Force of Cosmic Manifestation, or whatever, but you cannot deny Her power and beauty, especially at Kamalaya.



Everyplace one goes in Kamalaya there is a vignette of unspeakable beauty. It brings the mind to stillness. In the middle of the Wellness Sanctuary, where we give our sessions to clients, there is a place people sit waiting. This place overlooks a spectacular view of the sea. Lemongrass tea is offered. Peacefulness abounds. Relaxation abounds. Mindfulness abounds. We begin to see nature like we have never seen before. We begin to enter another state of mind, another diamond body of the heart. Our third eye begins to open.



Every place one looks there is beauty, and a perfect integration of architecture with nature. This winding path of steps down to the beach from our villa could put a person in an instant meditation. Not only does it fulfill the aesthetic laws of beauty with a classic “S” curve, but it feels like it just grew up with the trees and the plants, like it was always there from time immemorial.

In the Atmosphere of Holiness at Kamalaya.

The overall effect on a person at Kamalaya is their transformation into another state of being. Not only does one slow down and detox here, (even an electronic detox is suggested, as no cell phones are allowed in public areas) one enters into a deeper Self within. The vibration of meditation is inherent to Kamalaya. One does not need to do anything in particular, although there are many classes offered on meditation and mindfulness. One de-stresses without effort, and enters an atmosphere of holiness.



Clearly there is an Asian feeling to the place—and the “island vibration” that is inescapable. These jade green ceramic elephants adorn the poolside. They invoke the Eastern love for melding nature with the spiritual experience. The Eastern religions are about finding salvation within the essence of one’s Self. Yes, spiritual Masters are helpful for us to do this, yet, ultimately it is our own action of looking within at the gloriousness of our true Nature that gives us the boon of Enlightenment.

Kamalaya holds out this opportunity for people here to find all the answers to their life “problems” within themselves. There are very helpful practitioners of wisdom offered to the guests, and they are wise to the degree they are catalysts for the person’s own change. Change is only real to us when we make it ourselves. The Liberation Breathing® we offered here, and continue to offer around the world, is the best way we know to help people get to “Know Thyself.” Through deep connected breathing, they can easily introspect and let go of the past that may be holding them back. Breathwork is a yoga of the mind and breath, really. It integrates mind, body and spirit. When one is integrated, he or she just functions better.



When all is said and done, we all have to evolve and make the inner changes within ourselves to be more loving, effective human beings, making a difference in our lives. Kamalaya is a great place to do this. It is on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand. Easy to get to from Singapore or Bangkok. Kamalaya’s staff picks you up at the airport and takes you back. You may like to give yourself this break into a different realm of inner and outer beauty, and disengage from your self inflicted rat-race. Step totally outside your world of stress. We highly recommend a week or two here. BOLE BABA KI JAI ! Which means Hail to the Simple Father Who guides us and loves us unconditionally!






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