“AMMA PRAYING”  Gave Me A Miracle

Recently I was commissioned to paint Amma for a friend. I spent about a week painting Her, and then I was delighted to call my friend to tell her it was finished. Read below what happened.


The Divine Mother is Supreme in our Household. As you all know I paint the DM quite a lot. I wrote a book of Odes to the DM as well, available on Amazon. I have the miracle of being married to SONDRA RAY, who is my constant muse and inspiration. But the biggest miracle I have had to this day with the DM happened today. We visited The Washington DC AMMA CENTER on Sunday and prayed like mad for the folks in Florida. And on a personal note, I wanted to dedicate the new painting I did of AMMA, quietly within myself, in Her Center. So that was great. But I was not expecting the miracle the next day.

Today I called my friend and patron Jane in Los Angeles to discuss the logistics of getting the new painting to her. We also discussed the price of the painting, and the overall subject of my selling paintings. I gave her a price we both thought was fair. Then she asked me after our discussion, ” I want to make sure you are ok with this price. What would you really like to receive for the new Amma painting?” Of course she was consciously processing me on my “money case” of not valuing myself enough.

I said, “Well Jane, if I was really honest with myself, I would charge quite a bit more for this AMMA painting, because of its size and because it is one of my best works.” She said, “I have no problem with that. I want to pay you what you want. It’s worth it to me too!”

WOW. What a miracle. Usually people tell me they can only pay less than what I want, not more. Amma took over Jane to heal me of this “undervaluing” of myself and my art work. It was a beautiful moment that The Divine Mother could come through the both of us for the highest thought.

Thank You AMMA, for being our Supreme Master of the Divine Mother in our lives, and thank you Jane, for allowing Her to flow through you in our dealings about Her painting. JAI MA! Love is all there is. The Divine Mother is Supreme and we can call on Her for help to correct us of our money case. Love, to AMMA and Jane, representing the Divine Mother perfectly.

Markus Ray

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